This is the website for the coalition group Stop Bullying Louisiana, which was formed in 2012 around legislative efforts to increase school safety in Louisiana.

We are pleased to announce that HB 646: the Safe and Successful Students Act, by Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith, has successfully passed the House Education Committee! This bill attempts to keep kids in school rather than on the streets and to drastically improve school climates for ALL children, especially students who are most likely to struggle socially and academically because they are different. By reducing our reliance on measures such as automatic suspension for minor offenses, and increasing our use of restorative practices and referrals to counselors or professional services where appropriate, we have an opportunity to build up school communities, repair harm, and restore positive relationships between students and school staff. See this policy memorandum released by the Stop Bullying Louisiana Coalition that demonstrates the link between restorative practices, positive school climates, and higher student achievement.

To show your support for this vital legislation before it comes up for a floor vote, please sign the petition hosted by our coalition partners at Louisiana Progress! Once you've done that, email and call your representatives to win their support as well!

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For more information about the Stop Bullying Louisiana coalition, please send us an email at